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Aiming for excellence in the construction of the plants, for Albrigi, means thinking about how the end customer will use the equipment we supply them. This means evaluating how to make life easier for them by automating operations in the cellar or in the plant, facilitating maintenance and cleaning, respecting the environment. Because Albrigi's work does not end in selling a product, but in providing a complete range of services; that's what makes our customers happy.

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Our name
Combining the word Albrigi with the word Technologies has a precise meaning: born in the wine industry, where there is absolute respect for traditions, we want to introduce the most advanced technologies in our products. This is why we constantly collaborate with universities and institutions in search of the most innovative and effective solutions. Not only in the product, but also in the production processes, in the processing - to ensure the best finishes -, in the use of products that are not harmful to the environment.

Our headquarters
In Stallavena di Grezzana, in Valpantena. 18,000 square meters a stone's throw from Stefano's father's company, Albrigi Luigi. It is here that Stefano, together with his 50 employees, works with passion every day.

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Our (and your) facilities
Plants composed of tanks made of quality stainless steel, purchased from the most reliable European steelworks (Outokumpu, Thyssen Krupp, Aperam). These are the products we design and manufacture, thanks to trained and certified personnel. We want to provide our customers with systems built with the technology and efficiency of a modern company, combined with the expertise and care of a craft company. It is our commitment: to unite these two souls that, if wisely fused, can lead to producing excellence.

The markets
The eye always open to the world; today only half of our orders come from the domestic market. We regularly serve clients from North and South America, from Japan, from the Middle East, from New Zealand, from the countries of Africa, from Central Europe, from Russia. The confrontation with needs and mentalities far from ours often forces us to question ourselves, and this is always a source of enrichment for us and for our activities.

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Respect, in the broadest sense
Respect the traditions in sectors, such as food and wine, in which the secret of the genuineness and originality of a product is in the past. Respect their customers, their requests and needs, and ultimately those of their own customers. Respect the work of their employees, guarantee their safety and well-being at work. Respecting the territory that hosts us, being an integral part of its development and the social fabric.
This is Albrigi Technologies

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