Stainless steel tank for storing products based on sectors and hot and cold acids, built with the requirements to contain corrosive substances. It can be supplied with an agitator, temperature controlled and isolated, even according to ATEX regulations.


To store and mix products based on corrosive sectors at controlled temperatures and pressures

They are tanks with large thicknesses and rounded bottoms to withstand the stresses of temperatures and pressures. They can be supplied with PED or ASME testing

Ø (mm): 0
HL (hectoliters):
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Only to order
External tank finish: Marble finish
Internal finish of the tank: Mirror polished
External finishing of the tank welding: Satin
Internal finishing of the welding of the accessories: Mirror polished
Manhole: Model on request
Door: Model on request
Valves: Ø and model on request
Legs: Adjustable
  • ASME
  • ATEX
  • Mixing
  • PED
  • Storage

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