Cascade fermenter that provides the possibility to program the intensity and the frequency of the cycles of reassembly of the must on the fermenting pomace. It collects the fermenting must in its highest part and releases it quickly at programmed cycles, causing the complete spraying of the cap using only the force of gravity. Complete with air conditioning cavity.


Turn the cap of pomace without using mechanical means.


adjustable legs h. 750, central manhole Ø 600 h. 100 mm , frontal upper manway Ø 400 h. 200 mm , n. 2 cooling jackets on cylinder with 1"1/4 connections, rectangular horizontal door slide 410x530 mm , door opening with natural hydraulic piston , gearmotor for marcs extraction , elliptical door for inspection 320x420, washing pipe DN 40 with n. 3 ball , closed gauge level, alcool thermometer, n. 2 valves DN 50 , thermowell with renforcement bracket, "cascade" complete winemaking system , ladder hook, sample faucet, inox identification label, lifting hooks

He hatches and breaks the hat using large masses of must.

Ø (mm): 2040
TOTAL HEIGHT(mm): 4500
HL (hectoliters): 90 + 10
Type of material: AISI 304 L / AISI 316 L
Availability: Opportunity
External tank finish: Marble finish
Internal finish of the tank: Mirror polished
External finishing of the tank welding: Satin
Internal finishing of the welding of the accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Conical 10 °
Manhole: Central / Decentralized
Door: Elliptical
Bottom: 3% inclined plane
Valves: Ø and model on request
Legs: Adjustable
  • Fermentation

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