Storage tank with variable capacity and flat bottom, for small quantities of product. Complete with float, lifting arm and round door Ø 300 mm.


Tank of great versatility.


fixed legs h. 500 mm, round door Ø 300, sample faucet, open gauge level , n. 2 valves DN 50, floating lid including air-chamber, pump, manometer, 2-way pressure valve, floating lid arm with rope

Great ease of handling, washing, sanitizing and sterilization.

Ø (mm): 950
TOTAL HEIGHT(mm): 1900
HL (hectoliters): 11
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Opportunity
External tank finish: Marble finish
Internal finish of the tank: Mirror polished
External finishing of the tank welding: Satin
Internal finishing of the welding of the accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Float / dust cover
Door: Round Ø 300
Valves: Ø and model on request
Legs: Fixed
  • Storage

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