Tank characterized by a system composed of reinforced stainless steel poles, capable of breaking up the marc cap.


Palitank has been designed to solve all the problems of the firmness of the marc hat that remains compact (typical situation of the reassembly technique).


fixed legs h. 500 mm, central manhole Ø 400 h. 100, perforated stainless-steel cooling collars for the conditioning with water, patented rubber channel in order to collect and continue the flow of water, rectangular horizontal door 410x530, pumping-over pipe with DN 50 valve , open gauge level , alcohol thermometer, n. 2 valves DN 50, stainless steel cap-breaking poles , ladder hook , sample faucet, inox identification label

This tank is equipped with a system consisting of reinforced stainless steel posts, fixed to the cylinder of the tank, in a central position, as well as between them by means of a removable connection, so that at the end of use they can also be completely removed. Transferring the must from the lower part of the tank into another container, the skins hat is passed through the poles, facilitating the splitting and breaking, and lowering it to the bottom.

Ø (mm): 1750
TOTAL HEIGHT(mm): 3100
HL (hectoliters): 50
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Opportunity
External tank finish: Marble finish
Internal finish of the tank: Mirror polished
External finishing of the tank welding: Satin
Internal finishing of the welding of the accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Conical 10 °
Manhole: Central
Door: Rectangular
Bottom: 3% inclined plane
Valves: Ø and model on request
Legs: Fixed
  • Delestage
  • Fermentation

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